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Posted by : Koco Janchevski Saturday, April 6, 2013

Rika is the chief of first squadron in the prefecture police and an expert sniper in the Special Assault Team sent to clear the nearby airport of any zombie stragglers. She is close friends with Marikawa Shizuka and has the desire to go and save her from the outbreak of zombies. Unknown to her, they had stayed at her residence and have fled in her Humvee. She has been held up in the same airport alongside surviving passengers who were supposed to fly out with surviving Special Assault Team and Special Security Team operatives alongside airport security guards, customs officers and firefighters in clearing the airport of any stragglers by reducing the zombie strength. When her partner/observer helped her use the jet fuel in a tanker to immolate the zombies. She later receive a phone call from Shizuka and they have a very brief conversation before the whole area goes into a massive blackout due to an EMP surge that cuts off all communications and vehicle engines. She has not been seen from since, and it is unknown what happened to her afterwords.

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